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For many in religion and theology the subject of the decimation of the Black Family is off limits. It is too hot to handle and seemingly beyond Holy Scripture's jurisdiction. Some see it as a social reality with political implications but miss the fact that the concept of "family" is really a deeply spiritual one and one that can best be understood through the study of Scripture - which deals with the origin of family.

Among many Black leaders with the capacity, one of the most successful at getting Blacks to see the connection between God, Scripture and family is Minister Louis Farrakhan. Over the years he has been able to seamlessly connect what for many in religion are disparate elements. His talks on the relevancy of parables and narratives in the Bible to the Black family are legendary.

In October of 2000 he has called on the million-plus men who attended the Million Man March to return to Washington D.C. with their wives and loved ones. He is calling the event The Million Family March and it is designed to have implications for American Society and American Politics but it is designed first and foremost to be an event that contributes to the reconstruction of the Black Family. A reconstruction that Minister Farrakhan absolutely believes is the work of God.

What follows is Part 1 of an excerpt of a talk the Minister recently gave that introduces this vast subject of "family". Though brief, it opens up much.

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Cedric Muhammad

Sunday, April 30, 2000