The Life Of Dr. King

So many people have taken Dr. King's words and life and worked to make it fit their particular worldview or political agenda. Today, we thought that instead of editorializing on the many fascinating aspects of Dr. King's message and mission, and emphasizing what we thought was most important, that it would be good if we could provide you with a reference that would allow you to sample the breadth and depth of his life, work and preaching and get familiar with, or go even deeper than you have before, into Dr. King's spirit and the purpose(s) that he served

To that end, we have found a web resource that covers Dr. King from all angles.

We hope that it helps you on a day that is supposed to commemorate a great man's life but usually ends up being filled with political "spin". Click here, read, study and enjoy the life of Dr. King.

Cedric Muhammad

Monday, January 15, 2001