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Why was Jesus Killed? It is a question that Biblical scholars and Theologians have studied and debated for years. It is very difficult to get any two people to agree on an answer. And that is not a surprise as more controversy surrounds the life and name of Jesus than any other. On this day, observed as Easter Sunday by more than a billion people on Planet Earth, great attention will be paid to the subject of Jesus' life and death and resurrection - as described in the scriptures - and great thought will be given to just why an attempt was made to assassinate him in the first place.

The subject is a fascinating one with more drama involved than the best of movies. Last week, U.S. News and World Report made the subject its cover story. The article entitled, "Why Did He Die?" is a riveting one with several of the aspects surrounding the last week of Jesus' life, as contained in the Gospels, examined in detail. It is a great introduction into the study of the Passion and opens up a variety of research avenues for those interested in pursuing the subject in a more scholarly manner. After you have read the piece, you may even wish to tackle Raymond E. Brown's 1,608-page Death of the Messiah, viewed by may as the definitive work in the study of Jesus' last days.

Here is the U.S. News and World Report article:

Cedric Muhammad

Sunday, April 23, 2000