On The Brink Of War

The Middle East is about as close to an all-out war as it has been in decades. It is interesting to see how the media is framing the conflict with very little context and with an inability to trace the current week's fighting to the previous week's events. This type of near-sightedness merged with bias, is a major part of why the conflict has become so intense and intractable as U.S., Israeli and Palestinian representatives have to play to partisan and media interests at home and abroad, as they seek to resolve a life and death conflict.

Rather, than offer a brief analysis of what is happening in the Middle East, and the possibility that the region is headed for an international armed conflict, we refer you to a sampling of some of the foreign coverage of the Middle East crisis below.

Compare some of the foreign coverage with that of the U.S. nightly news of the major networks that you will see tonight.

BBC - Middle East

Jerusalem Post

Jordan Times

Haaretz Daily

Syrian Arab News Agency

Cedric Muhammad

Monday, October 9, 2000