What is The Entrepreneurial Secret? by Ashahed M. Muhammad

With the country still reeling from a devastating economic crisis brought on by rapacious greed and fraud committed by highly placed members within the global financial services industry, many Americans have been forced to consider starting their own businesses.

No longer is the lifelong career promising economic stability, a robust benefits package and a nest egg for retirement an expectation for many.

Whether you are currently working, or among those searching for gainful employment in a tight economy, you need to know your options, and you need direction. This is what makes Cedric Muhammad's three-volume book series “The Entrepreneurial Secret to Starting a Business” so unique and valuable.

Mr. Muhammad writes: “Even though what we seek to learn about human nature and business is not truly hidden knowledge, it sure does feel that way when you try to locate it all.”

Mr. Muhammad has a lot to offer in his book series, and he possesses an interesting way of presenting his views. What is offered can greatly assist out of work professionals, while at the same time providing an illuminating path for those stuck in a dreadfully unfulfilling job which appears to be a dead end, or worse, headed towards elimination.

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Ashahed Muhammad

Thursday, August 15, 2013