Selects One United Bank In Black-Owned Bank Initiative has announced that it has selected One United Bank ( as the Black-Owned Bank in the United States of America that it will initially recommend to its thousands of viewers interested in opening savings, checking, business, certificates of deposits, and money market accounts. The Bank, with branches in Boston, Miami and Los Angeles, is also the first Black-owned internet bank in America.

"After carefully reviewing over 30 Black-owned commercial institutions, and nominating 9 finalists, we determined that, as of the moment, One United offers the services, vision, and commitment that we were looking for to serve our diverse group of viewers, from all over the country. However, this endorsement is not narrow or only about the individual benefits this particular institution can provide; rather it is broadly focused on restoring the Black-owned bank to its historic position and standing in the Black community. We look forward to working with commercial lending institutions across the country in a way that changes economic realities, on a mass level," said Cedric Muhammad, Publisher of

The Black-Owned Bank Initiative is one of Four that are part of's "Business and Building' Agenda. It fulfills the area of Business and Investment. The other three categories are International Affairs, Community Development, and Political Action.

"Our sincere hope and prayer is that this Initiative, although full of substance, will also hold symbolic value and serve as motivation and a catalyst to other organizations, institutions, communities and individuals in Black America who currently have no relationship with a Black-Owned Bank. We are here to raise the three related issues of financial literacy, wealth creation, and community development in Black America to national prominence, through the empowerment of these institutions," Mr. Muhammad concluded. will be hosting its annual "Building and Business" Weekend and Conference ( from October 26th to October 28th in Washington, D.C. where it will undertake planning and further action steps regarding its Initiative.

The "Business and Building" Black-Owned Bank Initiative is working in partnership with the Moneywise Community Outreach Program founded by Kelvin Boston, host of "Moneywise With Kelvin Boston," ( the nation's premiere multi-cultural financial affairs program. Mr. Boston's latest book, "Who's Afraid To Be A Millionaire?"( is the official reference resource of the Community's Business and Investment Initiative.

About: The "Business and Building" Community - a diverse group of entrepreneurs, professionals, activists, artists, intellectuals and students - was established in October of 2006. It is launching Initiatives in four areas: Business and Investment; Community Development; Political Action; and International Affairs.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007