The Real Campaign Finance Reform Issue

Many people wonder why the issue of campaign finance reform, as championed by Sen. John McCain and others, has not picked up steam in the Black Community. My answer to such comments has been that the manner in which the debate has been framed has never really been relevant to Black voters and Black politicians. Now, finally, the Black press has taken the lead in examining the issue and its application to the Black electorate.

The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) has put out a special report, recently published in the Charlotte Post that looks at the issue from a variety of angles. The piece is a valuable introduction for all who have pondered such questions as: Do Black politicians receive enough financial support from their political parties - Republican and Democrat? Do Black Politicians do enough to raise enough money from their constituents? Why do so many Black politicians raise money from special interest groups and not from their own community? And do Black voters do enough to financially support their own candidates?

Only when these questions can be raised and discussed in an open forum will the problems that plague America's campaign finance system be addressed in terms of the best interests of the Black electorate.

Please read this valuable report.

For future reference it is available through the Charlotte Post at :

Cedric Muhammad

Thursday, September 7, 2000