Hip Hop Fridays: Davey D. On Napster

In light of the recent ruling to shut Napster down, I thought it would be good to get the perspective on the issue from one of the Hip-Hop community's most influential opinion leaders - Davey D. Davey's website http://www.daveyd.com/ is one of the most informative on the web and really takes you inside of the industry - on a cultural, political and business level.

Like BlackElectorate.com, DaveyD.com has been following the Napster debate since it erupted this spring. Today, Davey addresses the Napster court ruling and offers his opinion on what some of the larger unresolved issues are. It is an easy and clean read and will quickly get you up to date on the issue as Napster's midnight deadline quickly approaches.

Check it out at:


Cedric Muhammad

Friday, July 28, 2000