Hip-Hop Fridays: Women In Hip-Hop

It is so hard for a woman seeking to make her mark in Hip-Hop either as an artist or in the industry. Not only is Hip-Hop seen as a male bastion but those women who do break into the industry almost universally are discriminated against or victims of sexual or other forms of harassment. This is true whether the female is a rapper, executive or journalist.

Yesterday, African.com ran a feature on Women in Hip-Hop. The article places a spotlight on the accomplishment of several of Hip-Hop's brightest female stars. The piece does an excellent job of covering this underserved area. Read the piece and learn of some of the travels and travails of female artists who have been pioneers. Even the most hardcore of Hip Hop fans may be surprised to learn of just how much a handful of Sisters have accomplished.

Please click here http://www.africana.com/index_20000713.htm

Cedric Muhammad

Friday, July 14, 2000