Earl Ofari Hutchinson and David Horowitz Square Off On Reparations

A very interesting debate over reparations has been taking place between two columnists: Earl Ofari Hutchinson and David Horowitz. Both men, I believe, represent how many Whites and Blacks feel about the issue. Their dialogue/argument is one of the best that I have seen between a white and black male and I believe would be informative to virtually anyone who reads it. So, today I turn over my space in A Deeper Look to Mr. Hutchinson and Mr. Horowitz and hope that you will read their exchange. You will have to start with Horowitz’ most recent response and work your way back through the highlighted links in the body of the article(s) in order to read the entire exchange from its inception. I will weigh in very soon on this discussion and overall issue. Enjoy! Here it is:

Stuck on Oprah

Cedric Muhammad

Wednesday, June 14, 2000