Religion, Theology and Self-Improvement Sundays: Fatima's Third "Prophecy"

The Vatican surprised many yesterday with its announcement disclosing the details of a long-held Church secret: the third "prophecy" of Fatima. The announcement raises many questions and opens up much discussion regarding the true components and characteristics of prophecy. What exactly is it? How can one really be sure if they have heard a prophecy or witnessed its fulfillment? What do different religions and theologians say on the matter? Is there any way that human beings, even of different religions, can come to agree on the existence and truth of a prophecy? How about the truth and existence of a prophet? What does all of this if any have to do with Black People worldwide but particularly those in the Western Hemisphere?

Next week we'll begin this very serious discussion on prophecy. But as a precursor take a look at the Vatican's statement regarding Fatima's third "prophecy". Here it is

Cedric Muhammad

Sunday, May 14, 2000