By Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall

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Release Date: 7/1/02
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Readers anxious about the loss of civil liberties under George W. Bush will find ground for their fears-and suggestions for activism-in The COINTELPRO Papers. Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall's exposť of America's political police force, the FBI, reveals the iron fist hiding beneath the velvet glove of "compassionate conservatism." Reproducing many original FBI memos, the authors provide extensive analysis of the agency's treatment of the left, from the Communist Party in the 1950s to the Central America solidarity movement in the 1980s. Ward Churchill's substantial new preface to this South End Press Classics edition updates the cases of several incarcerated Black Panthers and analyzes the events at Ruby Ridge and Waco, as well as the wars on drugs and terrorism. Churchill makes a compelling argument that U.S. law enforcement has become thoroughly militarized, with devastating consequences for all those who work for social justice.

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