The Jewish Phenomenon: : Seven Keys to the Enduring Wealth of a People
By Steven Silbiger

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Release Date: 05/01/03
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Why have Jews risen to the top of the business and professional world in numbers staggeringly out of proportion to their percentage of the American population? Steven Silbiger has the answer. Combining the huge appeal of the bestsellers The Millionaire Next Door and The Gifts of the Jews, The Jewish Phenomenon sets forth the seven principles that form the bedrock of Jewish financial success. With truly startling statistics, a wealth of anecdotes, and a liberal sprinkling of Jewish humor, Silbiger shows convincingly how these principles have helped the Jews historically and how they continue to ensure Jewish success today. More important, Silbiger makes clear that these seven "secrets" are not secret at all and are equally at the disposal of Jews and non-Jews alike. The amazing success of the Jews simply proves that they work. In The Jewish Phenomenon, Silbiger takes readers—Jewish and non-Jewish alike—beyond the myths and stereotypes and identifies and explores the seven core principals of Judaism that have led Jews to success in business, law, finance, media, entertainment, science and the arts. His seven principals, outlined in detail through seven chapters of his book, include: Understanding that real wealth is portable; it's knowledge; Taking care of your own; Finding the right career – as a professional or entrepreneur; Learning to be selectively extravagant but prudently frugal; Taking pride in individuality and encouraging creativity; Developing your chutzpah, your verbal confidence; and Being psychologically driven to achieve. According to Silbiger, writing the book has been a learning, and somewhat emotional, experience. “At first I set out to explain the phenomenon of Jewish success by consulting experts and journalistic sources,” Silbiger states. “But more and more I found that I could not write this book without looking inwardly at my own experiences and my own heritage. I began to feel both a sense of pride and a sense of urgency about preserving these remarkable ideals, and sharing them with all Americans”

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