The Way The World Works
By Jude Wanniski

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Release Date: 10/08/78
Serial Number: 0005

The founding book of supply-side economics which describes how the collective wisdom of the electorate, tax rates, monetary policy and regulatory policy determine prosperity in countries. Jude Wanniski's masterpiece defined the economic policies of the 1980s responsible for a booming stock market, the creation of thirty million new jobs. untold wealth, and unparalleled prosperity. The life of the average American is richer today because of the wisdom in The Way the World Works. Wanniski supplies the recipe for economic growth which should be followed by every nation around the globe. The Way the World Works ranks alongside Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations and Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson as the most important and most prescient books on economics in modern times. An excellent book for the beginner, intermediate and advanced economic student. A comprehensive snapshot of the factors that impact and influence economic and political policy. This book nears the nexus of where culture, economics and politics meet.

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