Business: The Ultimate Resource
By Perseus Publishing

Price $39.99
Release Date: 08/02/02
Serial Number: perseus1

A landmark in reference publishing, Business: The Ultimate Resource is to global commerce what Britannica is to general knowledge. The most detailed business resource ever published, this book is a one-stop reference covering virtually every aspect of the world of business and aimed at everyone who works. The gold standard of business information for the twenty-first century, Business: The Ultimate Resource will also be a source of inspiration and insight, with original essays from more than 150 world-renowned business thinkers, leaders, academics, and practitioners such as Charles Handy, Warren Bennis, Jim Collins, Thomas Petzinger, Jr., Peter L. Bernstein, and John Seely Brown. Unprecedented in scope (2.5 million words, 2,200 pages), this book covers all significant intellectual, practical, and factual areas in the field of management. A major feature of Business: The Ultimate Resource is an authoritative world almanac featuring 26 industry sector surveys and profiles of 150 countries and all U.S. states. Lively biographies of the management thinkers who have shaped the world as we know it -- from Adam Smith to Peter Drucker, from Henry Ford to Estée Lauder -- will inform and entertain, while digests of the 70 most influential business books ever published are certain to spark debate. In addition, Business: The Ultimate Resource includes a comprehensive dictionary, an anthology of quotations, and an extensive source section covering nearly 200 topics from accounting to team building.

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