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12/10/2018 "The Black Economy 50 Years After The March On Washington"

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The Link Room

Those of you who have been viewers for a while, have certainly noticed a few new changes to the website – in terms of design and functionality. We hope that you are enjoying them.

Among the changes that we have made is that we have significantly expanded our section of links to external sites and information sources. We have even given that aspect to the website its own room which we have titled, "The Link Room". We have added new links to Independent Black newspapers as well as making significant additions to our News Sources, Research, Sports, Federal Government and Hip-Hop categories. Some of you may have missed the new additions (smile).

In addition we have added a new category of external links to over 15 search engines as well as providing 3 direct search features to Reuters/AP, UPI, and AFP that allow you to type in any word, phrase or subject circulating on the newswires up-to the minute, right from the web page – The Link Room!

Our goal in making these changes is to empower our viewers with the widest variety of information sources possible and to do so in an efficient manner. We want our readers to feel that they can travel the entire world with a few clicks on a mouse. We also want them to have at their disposal, enough resources to perform their own investigation and research into just about any subject they desire or have a curiosity about. While we have strong opinions, which we express in "A Deeper Look", by no means do we desire an audience that does not perform critical thinking or which accepts arguments, including our own, on face value. We always look forward to receiving criticism, and comments regarding our editorials. We especially look forward to discussing our position in light of new information presented to us by our viewers, as a result of their independent research.

We will continue to add links periodically and ask that you send our Webmaster some of your favorite links at

We hope that you like the changes that we have made to the site and ask that you spread the word to others if you are satisfied with what we are doing at

And please join our mailing list in order to receive our latest updates and e-mailed opinion, analysis or inside scoop directly from me, Cedric Muhammad. We also will begin sending A Deeper Look to those on our mailing list, via e-mail. Look to receive these and my private, periodic missives to our mailing list members beginning in August.

And stay tuned, later this summer, for an upcoming announcement on, regarding our new analytical products that will focus on politics, economics and financial markets in the Western Hemisphere and in Africa. It is a one-of-a-kind product that is designed for the viewer who is looking for professional and cutting edge political, economic and financial market analysis that they can use to 1) stay on the cutting edge of national and world events, 2) make professional decisions and 3) make money. We guarantee that our analytical product will allow our clients to accomplish all three of these objectives. These analytical products are designed on, and guided by the principle that "insight is the basis of foresight". We are excited about marketing and distributing these products through

We hope to have you all as clients.

See you in "The Link Room!

Cedric Muhammad

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

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