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Them PETA Niggas Is STILL Bonkers

The following is the text of Phonte's post from Little Brother's blog concerning their issues with PETA. Someone messed with Little Brother's page again so that they had to take the post down a second time.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Them PETA niggas is STILL bonkers


Had to repost this one, 'cause obviously SOMEBODY got a sense of humor and wanted to link the original joint up to a 'Meat is Murder' movie....I see y'all.....I just orderded some chicken fangas for y'all niggas....

We on the last leg of this tour…..and a nigga really ain't had a chance to address that OLD ASS interview them PETA niggas put up on they website a few weeks ago....but maaaaaaan……

Them niggas is bonkers fam…..and I don't endorse them niggas IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM…..

Basically, me and Pooh went for a while where we had both stopped eating meat…and while we were vegetarian, PETA asked us to do an interview at the Rock The Bells festival….niggas was like, 'Cool…."

We ain't know them niggas was gon' run the @#%$ TWO YEARS LATER after niggas done fell off the wagon……didn't they read my waing blog?

Plus, my problems with PETA run waaaaay deeper than that. To me, they come across as rich white folk who are privileged enough to fight a 'struggle' that the average everyday working person could really give a @#%$ about. Meat is murder? Get the @#%$ outta here with that bullsh##! Meat ain't murder, its what's for dinner! Plus, any organization that attempts to compare animal abuse to HUMAN SLAVERY can eat a dick…..for real, for real….

I guess I've never been much of an animal sympathizer……truth be told, I don't even like pets…..never have really…..I never even dated girls who had pets…..I thought them hoes was nasty for living with a fo' legged creature…..Its not that I want to just pointlessly slaughter animals or anything….its just that when I see a chicken, I don't think 'oh, poor little helpless creature of God.' I'm thinkin' 'Fo' piece waing dinner, niggas!"

I guess my indifference towards animals goes back to my chilehood….I remember back in the day when we had a German shepherd named King…..mattafact, I think every Black family in the 70's had one…..anyways, we usta do that nigga Kang so foul yo…..he could NEVER come in the house, rain, sleet, or snow, 'cause Grandma wasn't bout to let that nigga scratch all the plastic off her good living room furniture….and when my Granddaddy would cook pigs feet, we usta feed that nigga all the leftover bones and gristle…..its no wonder that nigga Kang died of heartworms…..if they had a Department of Social Services for animals, they woulda been reported our asses…..

So you can imagine the shock when I went over my white friend Trevor's house for the first time and saw the way they treated their dog, Braxton Kennedy (YES, they had a first and last name for the nigga…) Maaaaaaaaaaaan…….they treated that nigga like he was really part of they family…..usta feed that nigga from the dinner table and let him kiss 'em all in the mouth and @#%$….I'd come from Trevor's house with dog fur all over my Members Only jacket, 'cause they let the nigga Braxton sleep on the couch…..maaaaan…that @#%$ was disgusting…..but them white folks meant well..…

It was then I realized that Black people should never be allowed to own pets, 'cause we don't take care of 'em yo…..…..not even fish……@#%$, when I see a fish, my nigga senses automatically go off and tell me to start lookin for a bag of corn meal to fry his ass up….

All in all, I guess I'm just one of those strange people that actually put human life above the lives of Kang and Braxton Kennedy….I'm sorry yo, but in a world where there are STARVING HUMANS, a store like PetCo should not exist…..@#%$ that…..who gives a @#%$ about designer dog collars when its niggas out here who can't find a job? Americans ought to be shame o'they @#%$ selves….

So, if anybody from PETA reads this blog, feel free to take me and Pooh's pit'cha off yo website.

I think you tree-hugging hippie motherfuckers are crazy, and it's a box a waings from Hooters that's callin' my name….

This has been a Real Nigga PSA ®, sponsored by the Percy Miracles Foundation.

This post appeared on Little Brother's Myspace blog,

Saturday, April 1, 2006

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