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2/11/2019 "The Black Economy 50 Years After The March On Washington"

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CBS, Mike Wallace and Spin II

If you will remember, a few weeks back we took a deeper look at some of the things surrounding the three-way conversation between Mike Wallace, Atillah Shabazz and Minister Farrakhan. We mainly focused on the manner in which CBS and the media spun the conversation as if it revealed something that it did not. We also reprinted a communication from Jude Wanniski, a man who knows both Minister Farrakhan and Mike Wallace. His perspective revealed something of Mike Wallace's behavior and mindset in regards to Minister Farrakhan prior to the 60 Minutes interview.

Today we offer you the perspective on the matter from Minister Jabril Muhammad, a minister in the Nation of Islam and a person who was present at the 60 Minutes interview in Phoenix, Arizona. Since Minister Muhammad was actually present at the interview and witnessed the interaction between Mike Wallace, Ms. Shabazz and Minister Farrakhan - before, during and immediately after the interview - his perspective is probably unlike any that you have heard previously, regarding the controversial event.

In addition to his actual presence at the event, Minister Muhammad is one of those who had the unique experience of being a member of the Nation of Islam in a mosque where Malcolm X was the minister. In fact, Malcolm X was Minister Jabril Muhammad's first minister when he joined the Nation Of Islam in New York City. Later, when he would move to the Lansing, Michigan area, Minister Jabril Muhammad would come to work with and know Malcolm's brother Philbert quite well. Years later, Minister Muhammad would become the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's minister in Phoenix, Arizona.

Over the years, he has been among those who have encouraged scholars, Black intellectuals, students of Black History as well as the members of the Nation of Islam to view the controversy between Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam with balance and a critical eye. He often admonishes those who speak and write on the subject as authorities, to never lift one side up in the controversy at the expense of the other. Many great scholars and historians of the 1960s have praised Minister Muhammad's writings over the years. Among that group is the late great scholar, C. Eric Lincoln.

Here are some of Minister Muhammad's more recent writings dealing with the 60 Minutes event, as they appear in the Final Call newspaper, in his regular column entitled Farrakhan The Traveler, which has appeared in the Nation Of Islam's newspaper for over 20 years. The selected writings represent the perspective of an eyewitness, historian and theologian who has lived through the events that many of us have only read or heard about. Please read them very carefully, they contain pieces of information previously unrevealed in the "mainstream" media.

Farrakhan: The Traveler For The Final Call Vol. 19; No. 32

This, and the next five articles, is being written on May 22nd. They formed in my mind on May 13th. I'll explain why I am mentioning this later on in these articles.

As we saw, in Black's Law Dictionary (Sixth Edition) the worst form of murder "…includes not only anger, hatred and revenge, but also every other unlawful and unjustifiable motive." [Emphasis mine.]

Malice is a dominant factor among the motives of those who commit murder. Just how much difference is there in the motives of those who commit premeditated murder, in comparison to the motives of those who commit the worst form of the defamation of another, which is called character assassination? Not much. Furthermore, how much difference is there between one who murders another, in comparison to one who works to motivate another to commit murder? Not much.

The murdered one has no opportunity to restore them to life. The one who is the victim of character assassination, but is not physically dead, may - and I emphasize the word may - be able to restore their good name.

The murdered one can never restore, or be helped to restore his or herself to life. However, if in addition to being murdered, the victim was also slandered and/or libeled, the help of others is an absolute requirement for the restoration of their good name. They cannot do that for themselves.

The one, who has been victimized, through the evil of character assassination, even though alive, is likewise never in the position to have their good name restored without the help of others.

There are people who have been victims of character assassination to the extent that even after decades they went to their graves never able to get back their good name. Their families suffered. Oftentimes many years passed before their good names were restored. Even then that was always inadequate. The victim can never know it.

In America, countless innocent Black people have been murdered for centuries, in every way possible. Most of the murderers were never brought to justice. Black people in America, as an entire people, have been slandered and libeled continuously, beyond that which any other group of people have ever experienced. We were robbed, spoiled, mocked, made the laughing stock of the world and then blamed for our own condition by our tormentors.

Then when a Black man arises, such as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, with the Million Man March - which in one day changed the perception of billions concerning the Black man in America - white men became more hate filled and angrier than ever, at him and seek his life. They hate the loss of their control over Black people.

So as it has been throughout the history of Black people, under white rule in America, plot after plot after plot after plot was planned and executed and Black people have suffered, suffered and suffered.

Now, Mike Wallace, Mr. Don Hewitt, and the others, who were responsible for the public segment of CBS's "60 Minutes," totally and maliciously misrepresented Minister Farrakhan. It was wicked. It was indecent. It was patterned after every other plot of every one of the countless plotters against the rise of Black people towards freedom, justice and quality equality.

I was among those who were present when Sister Shabazz, Mike Wallace and the "60 Minutes" crew, arrived here in Phoenix, Arizona, at Minister Farrakhan's home. I was among those present during the entire videotaped discussion/interview between Sister Shabazz, Mike Wallace and Minister Farrakhan. Unlike millions of others, whose views were shaped primarily by white persons, of America's unfair media, I personally witnessed exactly what happened that day.

Before millions on millions of viewers, Mike Wallace gave the false impression that Sister Shabazz sat there during the whole time while Minister Farrakhan dominated the discussion, and finally, only at the end, after she was thoroughly exasperated she spoke up and against Minister Farrakhan. That is not the way it happened. Mike Wallace knew better. Mike Wallace lied!

The people who were directly responsible for the airing of the twelve minute segment that America saw, used this doctored scenario, represented by Mike Wallace, to present that portion of what Minister Farrakhan said that contained the word "complicit." Why? What is the real explanation for their choice of this particular section from this very long discussion between them?

"Complicit." Minister Farrakhan did use this word. Why? Mike Wallace and "60 Minutes" wanted the world to focus on this word. Why? Moreover, Almighty God permitted their complete misrepresentation of Minister Farrakhan's clear intent and his deeper pure motivation, in his use of the word "complicit." Their presentation was so perverted that it was nearly a total lie. Nevertheless, Allah permitted their lies to go all over the world, even though He had full power to prevent it. Why?

It is a fact that the enemies of God corrupted His revelations through His prophets. They then positioned themselves as God's true representatives and the ones best qualified to interpret Him, His prophets, and His revelations to others the world over.

From mixed motives, they formed what He revealed through His prophets into a book that they called the Bible. Despite the fact that God, His prophets and the righteous are grossly misrepresented, in the Bible, along with wonderful truths, the Almighty permitted this. Why?

The Bible is a mixture of both the words of God and the words of His enemies. It has an enormous impact on human beings the world over? And, God has permitted this. Why?

I am not saying that white people haven't reported many truths about Minister Farrakhan. Again, I am not saying that there isn't plenty of truth in Bible. I am saying that there is unsurpassed wisdom in God's permission of the world wide power of America's media. And, I am saying that the lies told on Minister Farrakhan through "60 Minutes," at this time, was strictly by the permission of the unsurpassed wisdom of the Divine Supreme Being.

AND I am saying that there is the most profound relevance between His permission for them to spread the Bible to every part of the earth, to His permission of the spread of information-both good and evil-about and of Minister Farrakhan, throughout the earth. This, of course, includes the latest spread of world wide disinformation (lies) about him, through CBS.

I am using the word "permission," respecting God, as I have, because this word implies that there is the deepest significance in whatever He had permitted. In God's act of "permission" there is always the greatest significance, as He never says or does anything, nor does He ever permit anything, without a meaning that originates within Himself.

There are an increasing number of people of good will, influence and power-in addition to the so-called little people-who are growing to see the correspondence between what is written in the scriptures, and what has and is going on in America-especially as it concerns Minister Farrakhan. This is Allah's doing.

On the morning of Saturday, May 6th, I had a wonderful conversation with Minister Farrakhan. A part of our discussion revolved around the media's charge that he admitted "complicity"-in the sense of direct involvement-in Malcolm's murder. He vigorously denied it in the course of clearly defining what the word complicity meant. I vigorously agreed.

Black's Law Dictionary defines "complicity" to mean: "Accomplice; Conspiracy. State of being an accomplice; participation in guilt. Involvement in crime as principal or as an accessory before fact." Then the reader is told to "See Accomplice; Conspiracy."

Then under "Accomplice" is: "One who knowingly, voluntarily and with common intent unites with the principal offender in the commission of a crime. [Cases are then cited.] One who is in some way concerned or associated in commission of crime; partaker of guilt; one who aids or assists, or is an accessory. [Cases are again cited.] Equally concerned in the commission of a crime. {Cases are cited.] One who is guilty of complicity in crime charged, either by being present and aiding or abetting in it, or having advised and encouraged it, though absent from place when it was committed, though mere presence, acquiescence, or silence, in the absence of a duty to act, is not enough, no matter how reprehensible it may be, to constitute one an accomplice. One is liable as an accomplice to the crime of another if he gave assistance or encouragement or failed to perform a legal duty to prevent it with the intent thereby to promote or facilitate commission of the crime."

Then it says: "See also Abet; Aid and abet Accessory." I did. I won't go further into these definitions here. You can do that for yourself, if you are so inclined.

Here is my point. Search all you want and into everything that you can, as some have already done. You will find that Minister Farrakhan was and is absolutely innocent of any criminal participation of the death of the father of Sister Atilla Shabazz.

Moreover, the persons responsible for that despicable twelve-minute segment of "60 Minutes" are fully aware that they lied on Minister Farrakhan to America and to the world.

But Allah permitted this to happen. Why?

More next issue, Allah willing.

Jabril Muhammad May 22, 2000

Farrakhan: The Traveler For The Final Call Vol. 19; No. 33

About an hour or so, after my telephone conversation with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, (on May 13th), during which we discusses what we were learning of the news reports for the "60 Minutes" program (due to be aired the next day) I saw one of their promotional pieces on the net.

As I looked at it, it was clear to me that they were going to misrepresent Minister Farrakhan and what really occurred during the discussion. Then I heard an interview of Mike Wallace on a radio program. That reinforced what I expected the public to see the next day.

I then took time to reflect over what really took place during that long interview, which I was privileged to witness. I thought of the millions who would not be able to know the truth. So I began to think over what I might write for The Final Call to help spread the truth.

All of the headlines of the many newspapers across America, I've seen, so far, are misleading the public about what the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan actually said in that interview.

Here is an example of a headline on a related case to what was done to Minister Farrakhan, and we who follow him. It helps make my point. This particular headline reads: " 'Jesus' Loses Defamation Suit Against Churches."

The Reuters news service, on May 15th, indicates that this article originated in Munich, Germany. It read: "Three theologians representing Jesus Christ sued the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches for bringing his name into disrepute---and lost in a German courtroom.

"The theologians, calling themselves 'brothers in spirit' of Christ, sued under a law that lets people defend their dead relatives' reputations. They argued that the churches' role in wars had disqualified them calling themselves 'Christians.'

" 'In view of their bloody history, it's a fraud,' one told the court in the staunchly Catholic Bavarian city of Munich.

"The judge threw out the case on the grounds that the German constitution guaranteed religious freedom---but not before he pointed out that, since Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead, his 'brothers' had no right to bring a suit on his behalf."

That is the full "news" item the Reuters news service sent throughout the world. Is the headline supported by the full story? No. Jesus sued no one. So how could he have lost the case? So what was the motive of those who made the false headline?

Nor did the very large body of news stories---which were spread throughout every city in America and the world---support the slanderous headlines about what Minister Farrakhan actually said in that interview.

On Wednesday, May 10th at 9:08pm The Associated Press sent out a memo to all editors under the name Caption Correction. They wanted all of their editors to remove "reference to complicity in AP photos…. ." I am looking at a copy of this directive even as these words are being typed.

Why did they (AP) send word to editors across America and throughout the world to pull back, to any extent, on what they had put out the day before?

Editors across America often use the guidelines in the book titled The Associated Press/Stylebook And Libel Manual. I am also looking at the Sixth Trade Edition, edited by Norm Goldstein, Editor.

On page 297 there is a section titled "Procedures for Handling Kills and Correctives." It seems to me that they followed these and other procedures provided in that book when they issued the directive I just referred to.

It seems as though some followed this order. Others did not. The latter did what the false headline---" 'Jesus' Loses Defamation Suit Against Churches"---was used for.

The question is: What was the motive of the persons responsible for that misleading headline? Was it designed to get the attention of the public to buy newspapers?

As I looked at the promo, I immediately and vividly recalled the Minister's use of the word "complicit." With equal force, I recalled the context and the spirit in which he used it. I also recalled my immediate inner reaction at the moment he made the statement which included the word "complicit." And, I recalled, as best I could see, the outer reactions of others in that room to what he said.

When he was saying that which contained the word "complicit," I recalled thinking "Look how far he is going. He is sacrificing himself for her and for others."

To me, Sister Shabazz wanted from Minister Farrakhan something that was almost impossible for him to do. However, only he could do it. Mike Wallace apparently tried to be helpful in that very dramatic, touching and even painful part of that meeting. Let me explain.

If Minister Farrakhan were in any way involved in Malcolm's death, America's powerful governmental investigative agencies, would have long ago proven this to be the case. There simply is not a scintilla or a shred of evidence to establish his involvement in Brother Malcolm's death as a fact.

Again, Minister Farrakhan would never have called on the opening of the government's files on Malcolm if he was in on Brother Malcolm's death. The government's refusal to do so, and reopen the case, shows that they are hiding the truth. How different will things look once what they are hiding is brought to light?

Without exception, those who have tried to dig up or manufacture evidence to involve Minister Farrakhan directly in Malcolm's murder have miserably failed. Without exception, every one of these persons hate Minister Farrakhan and what he represents. None of them make any pretense towards "objectivity," nor do they try to get to the real truth of the matter, as they sought to allege Minister Farrakhan's direct involvement in Malcolm's death. What are their motives?

I don't know Sister Shabazz. The day of the interview was the first time I had ever seen or heard her in person. She impressed me as very intelligent. She also impressed me as still greatly impacted by the trauma of seeing her father shot down in front of her.

Especially towards the end of that long discussion/interview she seemed to seek, from Minister Farrakhan, something that would bring closure; something that would bring healing; something that would set her heart, and the hearts of her sisters, to rest.

How do you get from a man who had no direct involvement in the murder of your father that which would bring closure; bring healing and set the matter at rest? What do you say to him? What really do you ask him? What could he say that would satisfy her? He knows he was innocent. So, what could he really say?

Despite the obstacles, they reached a significant level of agreement. The process of reconciliation is ongoing.

They moved towards a kind of rapprochement or accord that, though imperfect (as the government and others still are hiding the full truth) brought the discussions between Sister Shabazz and Minister Farrakhan to a level that seemed to relieve and satisfy her.

Here was the key. They moved towards the fact that Minster Farrakhan sits in the seat of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who, of course, was the visible authority over the Nation of Islam, when her father was gunned down.

(As I watched and listened to them the thought zipped through my mind that two innocent brothers spent over twenty years each in prison for Malcolm's murder. What about their pain? What about the impact on their families and friends? Fleetingly, I thought about the government's involvement and I especially thought of the hand of Allah over this entire matter.)

Some members of the Nation of Islam, may well have been, or were directly involved in this murder; that Minister Farrakhan, as the visible head of the Nation of Islam (somewhat like the recent apologies of Pope John Paul II) should apologize to her, in public for what he may have done with his mouth that indirectly, though unintentionally, contributed to her father's death. He did and he ask Allah for mercy and forgiveness for all. But remember, the whole truth has not yet been revealed. More about this too next issue, Allah willing.

In the next article I hope to take you back to that crucial moment, which CBS thoroughly misrepresented, and then into it, by Allah's help. I also intend to point out the boldface lie Mike Wallace told on Minister Farrakhan, with a straight face, before America and the world, during the "60 Minutes" program. Everybody who was in Minister Farrakhan's office, here in Phoenix, where the filming was done of the interview, knows the outright lie I have in mind.

One hour after the "60 minutes" false report on Minister Farrakhan this same (CBS) network showed Part One of "Jesus." More on this later.

In the Muhammad Ali translation of the Holy Quran, in part, we read this about the clearing of Jesus' name 3:51-54. Jesus "perceived disbelief" on the part of those to whom he was preaching his message. From the context one gets the distinct idea that this particular perception occurred toward the end of his mission. Further, one gets the idea that this disbelief, or resistance to Jesus, reached a point or intensity that became critical. His enemies were about to make an all out move to take his life.

We read that Jesus' enemies planned. So did Allah. He planned in such a way so as to make their plans against Jesus serve His (Allah's) purpose.

More next issue, Allah willing.

Jabril Muhammad

May 22, 2000

FARRAKHAN: THE TRAVELER For The Final Call Vol. 19; No. 34

The Muhammad Ali translation of the Holy Quran, 3:54 reads: "When Allah said: 'O Jesus, I will … exalt thee in My presence and clear thee of those who disbelieve and make those who follow thee above those who disbelieve to the day of Resurrection. Then to Me is your return, so I shall decide between you concerning that wherein you differ.'"

Geoffrey Parrinder translated this passage, in part, this way: "Recall when God said: 'O Jesus, I am going to bring thy term to an end and raise thee to Myself..."

Mr. Ali translated verse 55 to read: "Then as to those who disbelieve, I shall chastise them with severe chastisement in this world and the Hereafter, and they will have no helpers."

Allah promises the believers a great reward in the next verse.

Yusuf Ali translates verse 55 to read: "Behold! Allah said 'O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself and clear thee (of the falsehood) of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow thee superior to those who reject faith..."

A. Maududi provides us this English version of 3:54 with: "(It was to carry out His secret plan that) He said, 'O Jesus, now I will recall you and raise you up to Myself and cleanse you of (the uncongenial company and the filthy environment of) those who have rejected you...'"

This and more is from Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive? It referred to what had and was going on, when it was written, in 1976. It refers to what is going on now and to what is soon to come.

What each person saw, felt and came away with, after the video taping of Sister Shabazz, Mr. Mike Wallace and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was done, depended on the condition of their hearts.

Millions in the general public were naturally at a tremendous disadvantage when they viewed that television program on May 14th. They could not possibly grasp the setting, the context, nor the beauty of the spirit in which Minister Farrakhan interacted with Sister Shabazz.

The following is essential to getting a clearer view of what happened that day. Minister Farrakhan has the extraordinary ability-more than most any other human being you will ever meet-to empathize with others. Empathy is a power that includes all that sympathy contains and more. It is the power of a person to literally place him or herself into the overall circumstances of another, to the extent that the person experiences the very nature of the state of being of the other.

Those who have shared enough space and time with him are witnesses of this fact in the makeup of his being. Minister Farrakhan is one of those rare human beings, in this evil world, who has demonstrated the capacity to enter into the emotional content of the experiences of others---whether they be happy or sad---so thoroughly that he literally identifies with the state of being of the other person. This is what enables him to so deeply understand others and to understand the nature of situations that a great many others, quite frankly, very often miss. This is what has enabled him---with Allah's help---to heal others; to transform human life. This is what makes him such an unusual orator.

Minister Farrakhan was seeking to relieve Sister Shabazz of her pain and to bring closure to her. Furthermore, to me, as he spoke he was literally sacrificing himself to save and satisfy the deep yearning of his Sister, and others through her, for understanding and healing.

It was out of the purity of his heart that he spoke the words that he did. His use of the words "complicit with my mouth" was his manifest empathetic or heartfelt effort to take into himself her agony, her pain, in short, the whole of her trauma, to heal her.

Minister Farrakhan was in no way admitting to being in anyway directly involved in her father's death. The more you know about this entire matter, the more you will agree on what is the real nature of this entire complex matter, and how it came out in that interview. This takes time and study. However if you heard and saw all that I (and others saw) that day, then you would be in a better position to grasp the significantly dramatic moment in which she sought what she did from him and into which he spoke the words that millions saw a part of via "60 Minutes." I must add, however, the condition of our hearts---our motivations---will affect what we see and hear, as it always does in every situation of our lives.

I believe Sister Shabazz, on the one hand, knows the Minister is innocent of the death of her father. I believe she came to that interview holding the Minister, somewhat vicariously responsible, in a way not all that clear to her, for the agony she and her family has experienced. She, therefore, holds him "complicit." I don't say she was thinking with that word in mind. But I do believe that word, to some extent, holds her sentiment towards him.

Later on, in the interview, Minister Farrakhan, entered deeply into her spirit and picked up and identified with the very nature of the spirit in the content of her heart. It is out of his profound understanding of and love for her that he expressed the sentiments that he did. This is the root out of which he used the word "complicit." He was drawing out of her spirits that needed to come out of her. He did it at a cost to himself. That's the price he is paying to redeem others.

The segment of the interview that the public saw (via CBS) came towards the end of that long discussion. Sister Shabazz was really crying out for relief from her pain. Minister Farrakhan extended himself almost beyond what was reasonable not just to comfort but to heal her. There is no one who was in that room who can honestly deny that, if properly confronted with the facts.

A week before this significant event, Minister Farrakhan showed me the letter Mr. Mike Wallace sent to him concerning his view of the significance of this event and why he (Mike Wallace) wanted to do it.

It was clear to me that in his letter, Mr. Mike Wallace saw the prospects of this upcoming event (with Sister Shabazz and Minister Farrakhan) as of greater significance than even the previous interview he did of Minister Farrakhan about three years ago. Back then two segments of that interview were shown to the American people. Yet, the final product in this instance, was but one segment. Why?

Whether the CBS persons who are responsible for the misrepresentation of Minister Farrakhan, will ever come clean and tell the truth on themselves about their motives-time will tell. But I am convinced that Allah's hand is over this entire matter. The wicked will not be successful. I expect open division among them. Minister Farrakhan will be vindicated! In fact, as it is written, his vindication has already been in the workings long before these events!

There was not the least hint, on the faces, nor in the demeanor of anyone, during the discussion/interview, that Minister Farrakhan confessed or admitted to direct involvement in Malcolm's death.

After the discussion/interview concluded, we all went into Minister Farrakhan's dining room, where the discussions were very pleasant. There was not the slightest hint, during the two hours, when we were all together, that anyone thought that Minister Farrakhan, made any kind of admission, in the planning of the death of Malcolm, beyond what he has already said for many years.

I do not believe that Sister Shabazz would have acted as pleasantly as she did, after the taping, if she had heard Minister Farrakhan say, to her face, that he admitted that he was directly involved in the murder of his father. I cannot imagine her believing that in the light of what I saw in her behavior that day. We all would have been stunned if he had made such an admission or anything near to that!

I'm convinced that Sister Shabazz was satisfied with what she sought, which was an apology, of some kind, from the heart of the one who sits in the seat of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Again, it reminded me of what the Pope recently did in his apologies. He did not take any personal responsibility for the evils done by Catholics. But, as the head of the church, he took some vicarious or symbolic personal responsibility and did offer apologies to those hurt (or to their descendants) and requested from God mercy and forgiveness for all so involved in that which was not right.

That is what Minister Farrakhan did. Now, let's look at two incidents in Minister Farrakhan's life that illustrate his unusual power to empathize with others.

More next issue, Allah willing.

Jabril Muhammad

May 22, 2000

FARRAKHAN: THE TRAVELER For The Final Call Vol. 19; No. 35

The Pope's apologies and his position was brought up by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, as analogous to the position he holds within the Nation of Islam. It was from that position that he spoke, in the taped interview, which brought a greater measure of reconciliation. I covered this in my last article. This perspective was agreed to by Sister Shabazz and Mr. Mike Wallace. It paved the way and was an essential part of the context into which he spoke the words, of which CBS showed but a small part.

This was part of the context in which Minister Farrakhan went beyond what most any other innocent person would have gone in that discussion/interview that day, in his effort to bring about reconciliation as he worked to relieve Sister Shabazz, her sisters and others of their pain. Most innocent people would emphasize their innocence and then say this or that. They would make their innocence a prominent part of their statement.

Minister Farrakhan has to be understood in terms of his entire history; his personal make up or character; his world view and how this all was developed. That is beyond the scope of this short article. However, there are two incidents from his past, that I hope illuminates the kind of person Minister Farrakhan is, whom CBS so grotesquely misrepresented.

Years ago a younger and less experienced Minister Farrakhan headed up a congregation of the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in Boston. Problems developed. Many left and went back to their former lives, which were unworthy of themselves.

Minister Farrakhan brought the problems to his teacher. During the course of the discussion he asked his teacher if he could take on the sins of the others who left. He wanted to take full responsibility for their sins. Of course, his teacher explained why he could not, but guided him on how to improve that situation.

My point here is that this incident illustrates the kind of heart Minister Farrakhan had then and has now. He is one who is willing to sacrifice himself for the benefit of others.

This incident further shows that he was to be a reconciler; a healer; a redeemer; even at a young age. He does what he does to help others, even at tremendous costs to himself. He will literally hurt himself, if that is the cost he must pay, to help others!

That is what he did that day in his efforts to help Sister Shabazz!

There was another time when he had just arrived to his home. His neighbor saw him and immediately began sharing with Minister Farrakhan his grief. This man had just come from the hospital where his wife had just died in child-birth. The twins she was carrying died too. He was devastated.

As the man was telling Minister Farrakhan of what had just happened to his wife and babies, Minister Farrakhan broke out into a sweat. He took off his neck tie. He then loosened the buttons of his shirt. The Minister then took off his coat.

Minister Farrakhan was identifying so thoroughly with the grief and agony of his neighbor that he was becoming sick. His neighbor left and went into his own home.

By now Minister Farrakhan could not stand up. He had become weak and drained. He literally went down on his hands and knees and crawled up the steps leading to the door of his home. He still could not stand up. He had to crawl to his couch and up on it, as best he could. There he lay until he recovered.

This is the man Mr. Mike Wallace and others of CBS worked to destroy on Sunday, May 14, 2000.

About a week before the videotaping of this significant event, Minister Farrakhan showed me the letter he received from Mr. Mike Wallace. It had just arrived. It's focus was Mr. Wallace's view of the great significance of this event and why he (Mike Wallace) wanted to do it. It was clear to me that Mr. Mike Wallace considered this one of the biggest events of his career. I am referring to the videotaping of Sister Shabazz and Minister Farrakhan, with him as part of the discussion.

Whether the CBS persons who are responsible for the misrepresentation of Minister Farrakhan, will ever come clean and tell the truth on themselves about their motives-time will tell. But I am convinced that Allah's hand is over this entire matter. The wicked will not be successful. I expect that they will become openly divided over what they did to an innocent man.

There was not the least hint, on the faces, nor in the demeanor of anyone, during the discussion/interview, nor afterwards, that Minister Farrakhan had confessed or admitted to direct involvement in Malcolm's death. We all would have been stunned if he had made such an admission or anything near to that!

So the persons, at CBS, who were directly involved in putting together what they wanted the world to see, clearly made a deliberate decision to do the best they could to destroy Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam forever. Their motives were to ruin Minister Farrakhan. Their motives to hurt the Minister---not ratings---is what determined what they chose from that long interview. It seems that this small section, which they chose, may have been the only section which they thought served their motivations.

What they did reveals them as worse than the bombers of that Black church back in December 1963, wherein four little innocent Black girls were slaughtered. They committed a form of murder in their efforts to assassinate the character of Minister Farrakhan. I cannot but help to see them as trying to set Minister Farrakhan up to be murdered.

Their slanderous work provides us again with how such people worked during the time when the dispute raged between Malcolm and the Nation of Islam. Even now most people are yet unaware of the exact sequence of events that led to Malcolm's departure from his teacher and then finally to his death. Most opinion makers have put before the public outright lies or truth mixed with falsehoods on this matter.

Mr. Mike Wallace was one of the opinion makers who helped shape the heated atmosphere under which Malcolm was killed. In 1959 he launched his first attack against us on TV. He is still at it today---41 years later---as you saw on May 14th.

So the producers of "60 Minutes" spewed out on the public lies on Minister Farrakhan, as like-minded persons have always done against Black people, in general, and Black leaders in particular, whom they hate. This is an essential part of America's history.

It has already been reported that many people felt utter revulsion and contempt for Minister Farrakhan on the basis of the false news spread by CBS before the airing of "60 Minutes" on the 14th of May. How did Minister Farrakhan look in the eyes of tens of millions of people before that program was seen by the world? The atmosphere was further seeded with anti-Minister Farrakhan talk. But, deeper and more important than all of this is: Why did Allah permit this?

So in Minister Farrakhan's touching, deeply tender heartfelt and empathetic expression, the enemy saw what they thought was a magnificent opportunity for them to do what was sitting in the recesses of their hearts: make Farrakhan look as if he killed Malcolm-although they know better-and then have some one kill him, and in the process get rid of the Nation of Islam forever.

They went after the word "complicit" like a hungry dog goes after a bone it thinks has meat on it. The problem for those at CBS, and others of like mind is that this "complicit-bone" has no meat on it. In fact it is not even a bone at all! They bit on steel. Now their teeth are breaking out of their mouths. You'll see. They will come to see they moved out against Minister Farrakhan on the basis of their self-delusions.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad informed Minister Farrakhan many, many years ago that the enemy would set traps for him. He told him that he would spring them, but that he would not get caught in them. He has just sprung the trap set by CBS and "60 Minutes," as you will see.

Over the past twenty three years, Minister Farrakhan has sprung almost all of their evil traps. They have just about run out of traps. When that happens, what will they then do? What will Allah do?

The conclusion, next issue, Allah willing.

Jabril Muhammad

May 22, 2000

FARRAKHAN: THE TRAVELER For The Final Call Vol. 19; No. 36

In my last four articles, I've offered my testimony concerning why the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said what he did, in the segment of "60 Minutes," which aired on the 14th of May. I've offered my testimony concerning why the producers of that program lied on Minister Farrakhan. In this article, I'm outlining my testimony of the mind of Allah and His Christ, Who are Minister Farrakhan's Backers, in this entire affair.

God Almighty was Personally involved in the events that led to and included the CBS program, which featured the lies of the wicked against Minister Farrakhan. The Holy Quran teaches that whoever believes in Allah, He guides his/her heart. The scriptures warn us not to judge according to appearances, but to judge with a righteous judgment. What is a righteous judgment?

Allah guided Minister Farrakhan's heart, which is filled with His spirit. He knew in advance that Minister Farrakhan would say what he did, as he did.

Minister Farrakhan is fulfilling what was written about Aaron, in the scriptures. The scriptures teach that God was with Aaron's mouth. You might say, "If Aaron was a sign of Minister Farrakhan, why did Allah permit him to use the word 'complicit' on that program?" I've answered that, on one level, but let's now go the next level.

To do this we must also comprehend Allah's ultimate aim and purpose, His plan and the means by which He is fulfilling it. This includes a grasp of the place---in Allah's planning---of Minister Farrakhan's appearance on "60 Minutes."

I shared with Minister Joel Muhammad (of Muhammad Mosque #32) my full views of these events. His response included an analogy from his experience in the martial arts. He told me of a concept called "Creating a false opening."

He said "This is a technique in which a master takes a stance with his sword in a position to his side, and behind him, that cannot be seen by an opponent who thinks that he has a full opening and the person is vulnerable.

"As soon as the opponent rushes in for the kill the defender maneuvers in a way that instantly splits his head in half or takes his head off."

I told Minister Joel that I would use his words, which applied to a part of what I saw, by Allah's permission, even though he warned me beforehand that it was gruesome. I said what they did to Minister Farrakhan and to us was gruesome. He agreed.

In front film crews, and a room full of people, Mr. Wallace read words from Minister Farrakhan's December 1964 article, from the Muhammad Speaks newspaper, that included this sentence: "Such a man as Malcolm is worthy of death, and would have met with death, if it had not been for Muhammad's confidence in Allah for victory over the enemies." [My emphasis on comma.]

Minister Farrakhan complimented him as the first media person [he knew of] who quoted the whole sentence and in context.

When Mr. Wallace went live on "60 Minutes" he maliciously misquoted Minister Farrakhan when he said: "Such a man as Malcolm is worthy of death."

(I wonder if I will ever get that issue of Muhammad Speaks back from Mr. Wallace. It was my only copy of that issue.)

I stated in Vol. 19; No. 32, at the start of this series, that when I first saw on the day (May 13th) before Minister Farrakhan was maligned on "60 Minutes," a promo, and heard another via radio, I knew they were going to lie on the Minister. This would be a test for everyone. But Allah would vindicate Minister Farrakhan. Further, He was going to force the wicked to use their media in the vindication process. His punishment would intensify.

What made me so sure? I'm convinced of the truth of Allah's words, as found in the scriptures, in the light of the interpretation given by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Minister Farrakhan is a man God produced for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; Black people in America, and for the world. By my use of the word "world" I am including white people who have and still mistreat Black people.

He is the last warner for Black and Dark people, as well as for America, before the coming of the severest and explosive chastisement ever to come from Allah.

One hour after the evil done by CBS, on Minister Farrakhan, this same network carried a program titled "Jesus." When part two was shown the following Wednesday, many of the wicked were joyously exulting over what they thought was a victory over Minister Farrakhan, whom they find so troublesome to their wicked plans against the oppressed.

Minister Joel's explanation included the splitting of the head. There is and will be an increasing split among the wicked. This will include the producers of CBSs' wicked portrayal, to a massive audience, of an exceptionally good and decent man-Minister Farrakhan.

The Bible clearly says that in the Day of Judgment God would divide the people into two groups. It hints that there will be a third group. The Holy Quran clearly states that the people will be divided into three distinct groups. Minister Farrakhan is one of God's chief agents in the sorting out of these three groups. This process is going on right now. It's done, in part, through the decisions we make.

Due to her rejection of Allah, and His servants the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan, America is bringing on herself "…all the righteous blood shed on earth, from the blood of innocent Abel to the blood of Zechariah..." (Revised Standard Version)

Jesus is quoted in the Phillips Modern English, as saying, in effect, that the fullness of divine wrath would fall upon "this generation." Which generation is "this generation?" The fullness of God's wrath didn't fall on any generation of the past. Jesus' words are prophecy of what "this generation" is threaten with today, especially for her evils done against the Black man and woman in America.

Again, what did "this generation" do to deserve the fullness of God's wrath? (How will the righteous escape?) Jesus said God sent to them prophets, wise men, and writers, etc., from Himself. He said they mistreated every one of God's servants.

So, as Today's English Version (of the Bible) puts it, Jesus said, "Go on, then, and finish up what your ancestors started! Snakes, and sons of snakes! How do you expect from being condemned to hell?"

In the Living Bible Jesus explained that the reason "you will become guilty of all the blood of murdered godly men" is due to the nature, depth and scope of your rejection of God and His servants.

In Master Fard Muhammad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan, and others in this country, all of the godly men and woman---and then some?-- have come again whom your wicked ancestors persecuted and murdered!

The work of the enemy against the righteous today is worst than the work of the wicked against the righteous in the past. This is because you have all the teachings of the prophets, including Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Quran, which verifies the truth that you permitted into the book you call "Bible."

God permitted the wicked to spread their mixed portrayal of Him, and of His revelations to His prophets, to every nation on this earth. He has likewise permitted them to become the Goliath of the planet earth. He did this for the supreme of reasons.

What was written in Exodus of symbolic Egypt, points to America, that she would become the most dominate force on earth, at the end of this world. Then God would reveal through her slaves---the least dominate---that which exposes and destroys the root of her power on His earth.

He did this through a Black man born in Georgia and a Black man born in New York City and raised in Boston.

Georgia's record of oppressing and slaughtering Black people is well known. Not so well known is the fact that Blacks, Latinos and others in the Bronx lived, and yet live, in a state that intelligent observers have accurately described as worst than any of the most depressed of the Third World countries.

These two servants of God have served Black people, as well as America, with the greatest truth ever revealed and with right guidance.

Allah permitted the latest set of lies against Minister Farrakhan to go throughout the earth, so that when He clears Minister Farrakhan's name, the impact of his righteousness and the truth, he teaches will have a greater impact on the world than if Satan had not lied on him.

One of the laws which underlay and explains the soon to come impact the whole truth will have is this: the more unlikely an event the more information---and thus power---it yields.

It's written in the scriptures that Minister Farrakhan will be very much alive, in his body, to see his (and our) enemies lick the dust, with their nasty snouts. He will be very much alive, in every way, to see what he always wanted to see, since he was a little boy. Now, as a big man, he will see the full bloom of the fruits of his labors. So will his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

I have come to the end of this aspect of my testimony. Space factors didn't allow a fuller explanation of certain points in every article, as I would like.

So, more on these points, next issue, Allah willing.

Jabril Muhammad

May 22, 2000

Monday, July 3, 2000

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