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Theology Thursdays: God is a Republican and Jesus is a Democrat By Herndon L. Davis

Insiders from within the Kingdom of Heaven are reporting that there's been a rift in the family of divinity, which in turn is threatening to literally tear its earthy family apart. Apparently, the patriarch of life, the most High Father himself, God, has recently aligned himself with staunch political conservatives and is now believed to be a card caring member of the GOP.

However, God's son, Jesus is rumored to be more of a moderate liberal and has wrapped himself tightly in a blue democratic cloth, standing for a kindler, gentler and more progressive tone across the world. Their stark differences of political beliefs has caused a rumble in heaven as witnessed by several severe weather patterns occurring across the world.

Angels in heaven are reportedly taking sides as this Father-Son feud continues to escalate on issues concerning homosexuality, gay rights, abortion, reproductive rights, the Iraq War, safe-sex education in public schools, social security overhaul, judicial appointments, affirmative action, and women in the clergy, among several other political/spiritual hot buttons.

This clear split in ideology and political affiliations of God and Jesus is rumored to have been caused by an elite and empowered group of earthly clergyman, businessmen, career politicians, and higher income bracket individuals. They pray, worship, and aggressively hold on to literal beliefs of Old Testament teachings where God is described as being firm, decisive, strict, and black-and-white with no room for gray while bathing themselves in the New Testament with Jesus's blood of redemption and unconditional love for themselves.

Meanwhile, formerly oppressed groups such a blacks, women, gays/lesbians, and the financially and socially impoverished, often pray, worship and aggressively embrace spiritual teachings of the New Testament of Jesus; a figure who stood for liberation, social justice, compassion, and unconditional love for everyone regardless of race, gender, income, or sexual orientation.

Both groups have been lobbying and petitioning God and Jesus separately, not really realizing that they're one in the same. In addition, both groups claim to be doing the will of this heavenly Father-Son duo, but actually what has resulted is a deeply divided nation of blue and red states on nearly every socioeconomic issue known to man.

A series of peace talks between God and Jesus is being mediated by the Holy Spirit early next week to determine how best the world should apply their joint teachings, inclusive of both Testaments so that individuals are able to seek and understand the spiritual meaning of their collective word.

Even further, another priority during the God-Jesus conference, will be to strategize how best to educate clergy and laity alike on how to interpret scripture within its original 1st and 2nd century culture and language.

As yet another election year draws closer, the Angels in heaven are making repairs in heaven from the damage done by its earthly conservative family members's attempted divide and conquer invasion.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one Angel is quoted as saying if people of faith down there don't get right soon, there will be hell to pay!

Herndon L. Davis is an author, lecturer, and TV Host of the The Herndon Davis Reports. He can be reached at

Herndon L. Davis

Thursday, May 12, 2005

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