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12/17/2018 "The Black Economy 50 Years After The March On Washington"

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Four Years @

Monday April 5, 2004 will mark the fourth year anniversary of It is a milestone that we are grateful, humbled and honored to reach.

Over the years I have received some very powerful questions regarding our mission, ideas and motivation. I have saved many of those questions looking forward to a time in the future when I could answer some of them in great depth.

I have also received a number of questions regarding editorials and interviews, as well as my view of numerous personalities and institutions in the Global Black Electorate. These have come my way along with profound questions from viewers regarding important events, developments, ideas, initiatives, programs, policies and principles in the spheres of culture, politics, and economics.

I have decided that at least for a couple of days on the week of April 5th, I would personally and publicly respond to these questions and hopefully new ones.

Who better to interview the Publisher than the members of the community?

I would like to ask all viewers who have questions in these areas to please submit to us, any serious and thoughtful questions pertaining to Black America and our people throughout the world. Whether the subject is religion, Hip-Hop, monetary policy in Africa, the state of the Black family, entrepreneurship, political ideologies, economic models, cultural phenomenon long as the questions are about events, ideas, realities, programs, values and principles that affect (or have affected) the global Black Electorate, over the last four years, it does not matter the category.

Please submit these questions to:

We will review all of the questions submitted and I will publish my personal answers, to each question selected, starting April 5, 2004.

It is just a small way to say Thank You to all of the viewers and a process to organize some of the disparate, dynamic, and salient thinking that interests, or has found a home, in the community and among its members.

Don't worry. The identities of those submitting questions will remain anonymous and their e-mails will not be published.

But all questions must be submitted to a special e-mail address - - in order to have a chance of being answered.

- Please do not send questions to any other e-mail address at

Thank you all, whether you have been with me and us since April 5, 2000 or if today is your very first at


Cedric Muhammad

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

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